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Our philanthropy is The Innocence Project of Texas.

"The Innocence Project of Texas is a nonprofit human service organization that provides legal and investigation assistance to low-income Texas citizens who were convicted of crimes they did not commit. We work to gain their freedom and exonerate them.

Innocence Project of Texas advocates for the adoption of laws to improve (reform) the criminal justice system and prevent wrongful convictions." - IPTX Website

Zoom with IPTX

Words cannot express how grateful we are to have had Anna Vasquez and Jennifer Lorenz come talk to our organization. Our meeting with the Innocence Project of Texas was filled tough, but important conversations about how wrongful convictions came about, the realities minority women face when encountering the criminal justice system, and how to get involved to create the change we need and deserve. We have been inspired and will continue to fight the good fight in any way that we can.

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